Top Quotes: “A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming” — Dylan Tuccillo

Getting Lucid

“Imagine being free of your physical body, leaving behind silly things like gravity. Picture yourself flying, and doing so in the literal sense. Imagine conversing with the natives of the dream who promise valuable insights and knowledge about your life. Hidden in this place you can find wisdom and guidance that could change your life.”

Experiencing & Staying Lucid

“When you start your lucid dream, the dream starts getting visually fuzzy, or you want to amp up lucidness, anchor your dream by:

  • Spin yourself around like you’re a ballerina
  • Focus on something and stay active
  • Touch something — your finger to your thumb or to a wall
  • Say something out loud like ‘Stabilize!’ or ‘Increase lucidity!’
  • Sit and meditate”



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